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Online Dating 

Interested in meeting your next date online? Here are some tips and some dos and don'ts about online dating.

There are a great number of great websites that offer online dating services. Most of the sites give you a free trial period to decide if their site is the one for you. Be sure to read all the rules prior to signing up for an account. Make sure you understand exactly what you are getting into.

Once you decide on the online dating website for you, you are ready to build your profile. This is the information that potential dates will get to see about you. A picture increases your chances of getting noticed, but keep in mind by posting a picture you are allowing the public to see what you look like. Although most online dating sites have members looking for a date, the same as you, a few members may have ulterior motives. Do not put any of your personal information on your profile that could give members information about where you live or your phone number. This is to guarantee that only members you want to have this information will have it.

Online Dating

If a member of an online dating site contacts you, reply by email through the website for a while prior to giving your personal email address out. Most dating websites allow you to communicate through their site without giving personal information until you are ready to do so. Do not let any member pressure you into revealing personal information before you are ready. This is an advantage for online dating websites rather than chat rooms.

If you decide you are ready to go on a face-to-face date with someone you met online, make plans to meet in a very public place. It will be better for you if there are more people around you. Should either of you decide you are not comfortable, there are at least will be other people around to make the meeting somewhat less awkward. Shopping malls are a good meeting place if you are not ready for your date to know what your vehicle looks like. You can meet in the middle of the mall and if things do not go as planned; you can escape without fears of future stalking. 

It is a good idea not to go back to the other person's home on a first date. Give yourselves a chance to really get to know each other for some time. Go on several dates. Get to really know the person before giving your home address out.

If you have a bad experience one time, do not be afraid to try online dating again. Just like normal dating, sometimes Internet online dating can go badly. Your perfect match is out there somewhere. Keep trying and I know you will find true love some day soon.  I know, I have been happily married to a girl a met thru online dating. 


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PositiveSingles.com - the best, most trusted and largest anonymous STD dating site!

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