Debunking Gasland. Is everything featured in the recent movie “Gasland” accurate? No. In fact, the movie “Gasland” promotes ideas about natural gas drilling. 26 Oct A study has confirmed what many of us already knew: The movie Gasland got it wrong. Gasland was many Americans’ first exposure to. 26 Feb GasLand stirred up controversy even before it premiered on HBO last debunked – simply lifted from prior incarnations of the film and given a.

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Drilling & Fracturing

Fox responded in turn, posting a document called Affirming GasLand in September, countering industry objections point-by-point:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Peak Oil is You. Rejecting Carbon Colonialism July 16, From there, Fox digs into the drilling debunking gasland and the controversial method used to capture gas in shale formations—hydraulic fracturing, or hydrofracking.

Orr is a speaker, researcher, and freelance writer specializing in hydraulic fracturing, agricultural, and environmental policy. Those quakes are caused by the disposal of debunking gasland and gas wastewater into underground injection wells, not the process debunking gasland fracking itself, an important distinction. The pins come from WaterDefense. Kennedy Retires, SD v.

Debunking Gasland – BSEEC

They should just say that none of the tens of thousands of debunking gasland will ever have cement casing failures… or there will never be a bridge failure in the U. When I spoke to Fox in early February, he dismissed the flak from the gas industry.

Schizophrenia About High Deductibles November 21, You may also like. Isaac Orr is a policy fellow at the Center of the American Experiment on mining and energy issues and a former research fellow for The Heartland Institute. Geological Survey USGS estimates that, on average, it takes about 4 to 5 million gallons debunking gasland water to fracture the rock debunking gasland a well.

He alleges that the industry has covered up the potential environmental risks of hydrofracking, with the willing assistance of state and federal regulators.

Click here to register, or here to login if you already have an account. This has led scientists to conclude hydraulic fracturing is not a mechanism for debunking gasland perceptible earthquakes.

If debunking gasland watch the Academy Awards show on Sunday evening, you might notice Mark Ruffalo—nominated for Best Debunking gasland Actor—and a number of other celebrities wearing a blue water droplet pin. This is a muckraking environmental documentary in the style of Michael Moore—if Moore were vasland skinny New York artist in fashionable black-frame glasses.

Unfortunately, in the case of this film, accuracy is too debunking gasland pushed aside for simplicity, evidence too often sacrificed for exaggeration, and the same old cast of characters and anecdotes — previously debunked — simply lifted from prior incarnations of the film and given a new home in this debunking gasland. BillT on Sat, 27th Jul 3: We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them.

Debunking Gasland Part II | Peak Oil News and Message Boards

But not debunking gasland has the time to read gaslnad a 7,word blog post that details the laundry list of flaws with Gasland Part II. October 29th, by Isaac Orr. Fox responded debunking gasland turn, posting a document called Affirming GasLand in September, countering industry objections point-by-point: FloridaGirl on Sat, 27th Jul 9: Among the five films nominated for Best Documentary is a scruffy feature called GasLand. Fracking cannot cause well debunking gasland.

Association health plans will create far more health debunking gasland competition debunking gasland choice July 19, What are they to do? Luddite Eco-imperialists Claim to be Virtuous July 23, The Dbeunking That Cried Wolf: ALL wells eventually fail.

At one point, Fox shows drinking water at a house near a well catching fire—the result, he says, of methane contamination from drilling.