Introduction. This manual provides the technical information necessary for servicing the VX-3R Ul- tra-Compact Dual-Band Transceiver. Servicing this equipment. VX-3R Manual en Español. Your AD Here. Download details. VX-3R Manual en Español. (5 votes). Data. File name. Size, MB. Downloads, Language . 7 Dec You can write your own review of the Yaesu VX-3R. . manual is not yet available to make up for the lack of a schematic in the owner’s manual.

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It’s inexpensive and yaesu vx-3r manual useful if your only Lithium battery needs charging. This will significantly improve battery life, too! Manuzl have an account? Page 74 MHz digit of the frequency. The transmitter audio is crisp yaesu vx-3r manual clear, as is that of the receiver in earphones or the speaker. Programming a Member List for the Message feature.

On rare occasions the memorized data may become corrupted by miss operation, or static electricity. When the amateur band signal drops, the SUB-RX Operation is re- sumed as determined by the user settings in the below procedures.

Sets the Squelch threshold level. But I’d recommend going to the Yaesu website http: I am amazed at the volume and clarity of audio produced by that yaesu vx-3r manual speaker! See page 15 for details. Once access to the repeater has been gained, you may release the MONI switch, and use the PTT switch for activating the transmitter thereafter.

The [ ] key is the Short-cut path to recall one of the Set Mode Items. Indicates the DC Supply Voltage. To disable the alpha-numeric Tag and enable the frequency display: Internet Link System access. But it can not be heard in yaesu vx-3r manual noise on yaesu vx-3r manual VX-3R with the standard antenna. To do this, follow the procedure below: If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews please email your Reviews Manager.

See page 48 regard- ing Memory Bank Operation for details. Tone Search Scanning 6. Please be careful not to break this stud while changing the battery. The VX-3R includes a simple method of accomplishing this: Short-wave Broadcast Station Memory Channels 9.


My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. The above are just my opinions.

Sub-rx Operation Yaesu vx-3r manual station. When yaesu vx-3r manual have made your selection, press the PTT switch to save the new setting and exit to normal operation. I guess you could say I like the VX-3R. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The beeper sounds when you press any key. What you don’t use can be safely ignored. This can be particu- larly useful when configuring a number of transceivers for a public service operation. If standard stereo headphones are attached, FM broadcasts may be heard in stereo.

See page 37 for details. I suspect that using yaesu vx-3r manual antenna longer than a few feet would result in severe overload.

See page 90 for details. For example, when you are in the immediate vicinity of a repeater station, there generally is no reason to use the High Power output in yaesu vx-3r manual to achieve full-quieting access to the repeater. See page for details.

Downloads – YAESU – VX-3R Manual en Español

Use the following procedure to activate the Set Mode and adjust the yaesu vx-3r manual parameters: Page Selects or disables the VFO band edge limiting for the current band. Here are some of my observations: However, the VX-3R will clear the password, as well as all memories, and will msnual all other settings to factory defaults. The difference is night and yaesu vx-3r manual, so if you are interested in monitoring stuff outside the ham bands, an after-market antenna is a must.

Yaesu vx-3r manual 86 [ ] key, while you are transmitting, to send out the selected DTMF string to establish the link to the desired Internet-link mode. Press the PTT switch again without speaking into the microphone to transmit the selected message on the coordination frequency.

Page 44 On rare occasions the memorized data may become corrupted by miss operation, or static electricity. Alert yaesu vx-3r manual will provide an audible warning from the speaker. Don’t show me this message again. This thing will do about any type of band and memory scan that you could imagine.

It will halt on signals encountered, so you can talk to the station s on that frequency, if you like.

YAESU VX-3R Operating Manual

Yaesu vx-3r manual page 71 for details. To enable this feature: In this case, the Noise Squelch overrides the action of the S-meter Squelch. Select the antenna to be used in the FM Broadcast listening.