Introducing a new, versatile connector to easily make any size Yuken solenoid operated directional valve Deutsch connector compatible. The “DIN to Deutsch”. 6 Oct An updated DSG/ Directional Control Valve which is now 60% Equipment for Machine Tools, to download the new Catalogue!. DIRECTIONAL CONTROL VALVES. Sol. Operated Directional Valves: DSG ā€œEā€ Series ā€“ Shockless Type Proportional Control Valve. Multi-Purpose Control.

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The valve is actuated by operating a built-in switch using a very small current signal about 10 mA when the solenoid is energized. Pressure reducing and check valves have check valves, which allow a free flow from yuken valves catalogue secondary side to the primary.

Vent circuits allow remote control yuken valves catalogue unloading. Operated by electric signals or when combined with catalgoue remote control relief valve, creates a two or three pressure control system for your hydraulics.

Leading Hydraulic Specialists

Solenoid Controlled Pilot When a solenoid is energized the pilot valve directs the flow to move the spool of the slave valve, thus changing the direction of flow in the hydraulic circuit.

Hydraulics Distributor in Indianapolis, IN. The solenoid operated directional valve include series as following:. Unloading is accomplished using vent circuits. This configuration places yuken valves catalogue movable parts away from the yuken valves catalogue for increased durability and reliability.

Direct-operated pressure control valves are damped hydraulically and can be activated by pilot pressure internal or external. These DSG series solenoid directional valves are the pro-ducts newly developed as a “Mini-series”.

Combining a pilot operated relief valve with a solenoid operated directional valve eliminates extraneous piping due to the directly-mounted solenoid valve on the relief valve with a relief valve vent. They can be controlled remotely. These are epoch-making solenoid operated valves of high pressure, yuken valves catalogue flow which have been developed incorporating a unique design concept into every part of the valve including the solenoid.

Designed for use in hydraulic balancing circuits, these valves provide pressure reducing and counterbalancing. Kao Jin acts for Yuken directional control valve as an experienced supplier of solenoid yuken valves catalogue directional valves.

Yuken releases Machine Tool Catalogue! – Yuken

Unloading the pump pressure can be accomplished with a remote electrical signal to the solenoid or through solenoid valve port pilot relief valves. Yuken valves catalogue to protect pumps and control valves against excessive pressures.

When a solenoid is energized the pilot valve directs the flow to move the spool of the slave valve, thus changing the direction of flow in the hydraulic circuit.

Used for relieving excessive pressure and protecting the hydraulic system, or yuken valves catalogue maintaining a constant pressure. Yuken Solenoid Controlled Pilot. Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valves. Pilot-operated, low-noise relief valves are used to keep the pressure controlled at steady levels in the hydraulic system. Used catwlogue brake circuits of hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders. The pressure sensor has no moving parts, offering reliability and durability.

If installed away from the sensor, it yuken valves catalogue be wire-connected, thereby minimizing hydraulic piping.

These vibration-proof, semiconductor controlled pressure switches have a built-in electronic ccatalogue sensor and a photocoupler insulated open collector output. By combining a low-noise pilot-operated relief valve and a solenoid operated directional valve, Yuken created a no-load pump.

The solenoid operated directional valve include series as following: Installed directly or remotely from the sensor, these monitors track hydraulic system pressure.


In addition, operation under remote control is possible by using the remote control port. Yuken valves catalogue Pressure Monitors Installed directly or remotely from the sensor, valvse monitors track hydraulic system pressure.

These valves function by setting the pressure of a hydraulic circuit below that of the main circuit. Brake valves create smooth stopping power yuken valves catalogue allowing braking with any level of pressure. Monoblock Directional Control Valves.